About Us

Can you  believe this all started because of 4 women and two kids?

Its true, Pip Pop! started as “birthday fairy” when our founder saw a local mommy blogger showing how she made a garland for her kids on Instagram. One Mom’s talent inspired another Mom to start a new family tradition. From that year on, every January and July the special visitor and decor would Pop up in the kitchen and hallway for the birthday girl.

Fast forward nine years later… A group of ladies wanted to love on a dear friend and make her transition back to work, after completing chemo, express all the PURE JOY and excitement in their hearts. After all, their dear friend had just made it through one of the toughest chapters of her life. It was during this install that the friends discovered a talent that they didn’t know existed. In the next 15 minute, 3 friends encouraged, one BIG dream was born and the rest is history. Pip Pop! has been creating every day since.

Amanda Rae Pierce


Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Starbucks addict. Lover of all things fabulously unique.

I learned very early on that life is a BIG deal. It is precious and meant to be celebrated. My passion for putting on a great event comes from watching my Mom throw some wicked sweet events, basically my entire existence. (You can move a lady to the burbs, but you cant take the Dallas out of the lady)

Born and raised in Texas, living most my life in north Texas, Fairview to be exact. I only left the state to attend college, GO HOGS, and came back to north Texas as fast as I could.

I currently reside in Collin County with my husband and two daughters. When I’m not out in the community delivering and installing Pop Drops you can find me with my family and my best friend by my side. I’ll either be at some kind of kids sporting event, cheering as loud as possible OR on a patio somewhere. More than likely, you’ll find me with a Starbucks or margarita in hand and there is always some fun about to be had. You know, because life is to dang short.